Sanimood & IKEA

A timeless atmosphere even in the toilet

When you walk into IKEA, you immediately feel at home. The furniture and decorations create a cozy atmosphere that you find everywhere. Yet there was one important area that was forgotten here; the public restroom. And that while a nice toilet can make or break the brand experience for a customer. So Sanimood collaborated with IKEA to design and execute a design, and the white-gray walls gave way to the timeless IKEA house style. As a result, the restroom now fits right in with the store and visitors stay in the atmosphere of IKEA when they take a break.

For big and small

The experience of washrooms is important not only for the big visitors, but also for the little ones. For example, at IKEA Breda, Sanimood designed and attached a cheerful sign with reflective shapes for the baby change, so that the children have the same experience as their parents. Not only fun for the child, but also calmer for the caregiver.

Atmospheric expansion

For the IKEA stores in Breda, Heerlen, Haarlem and Amersfoort, Sanimood has already inspired visitors with the new style of the public toilets. Even in IKEA distribution center Oosterhout, employees can now enjoy the timeless IKEA atmosphere during their moments of rest. How great would it be if we could make this happen in all IKEA branches in the Netherlands?

Our working method

We are involved in all our projects from design to completion. So too with this IKEA project. The restrooms Sanimood designed here are durable and 100% custom made. Because we use antibacterial wall panels, the toilets at IKEA are now much easier to clean and use 30% less detergent than normal. Also, the absence of grout prevents bacteria from settling on the sleek walls. A very effective and hygienic solution so that IKEA's fresh style is even better experienced.

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