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Transform your wet areas into an atmospheric spot

A higher sanitary standard is what Sanimood is all about. Our smart products ensure that the customer experience and employee satisfaction of your organization will score extra well. As specialists in high-end sanitary experiences, we know better than anyone that our solutions will contribute to this. Score a 9+ by having your washroom in perfect order.  

Sanitary Panel

Transform your wet areas into an attractive place without grout. This creates a smooth surface that ensures your washroom is easy to clean. The SaniPanels can be glued directly onto existing tiles, eliminating any demolition work and making it a relatively simple renovation. Also, the SaniPanels in your restroom are hard wearing, scratch resistant and chemical resistant.

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Fragrance application

SaniMoments provides professional air freshening in your washroom. It ensures that unpleasant odors are expelled and you smell a true fragrance experience appropriate to the environment. The plug and module ensures that the wonderful fragrance you have chosen is dosed and released in the room. A wonderfully clean and fresh experience.

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Sound Experience

Do you want to take the experience in your organization to the next level? Then it's time to get acquainted with SaniSounds. Sanisounds is a plug-and-play subscription for royalty-free ambient music. You choose the atmosphere and sound that suits you best. We provide the equipment and you get in the mood!

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