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At SaniMoments, we transform your washrooms into a nice place. A place where it always smells good and where you can completely relax. It is important that the atmosphere of your brand can be experienced everywhere. Even in the toilet. That's why SaniMoments provides professional air freshening in your washroom. Unpleasant odors are expelled and 100% natural, essential oils are used to create an aroma that suits the environment. Thus, you not only have a pleasant smell in the toilet, but the air quality is improved as well.

Currently available only in the Netherlands.



Plug & Play


In scents and colors

Sanimood applies the unique line of Chi to use fragrance to create the perfect atmosphere in your washroom. Because the aroma is atomized cold, it is spread naturally. In combination with other Sanimood products, this creates the ultimate toilet experience. When we have applied a beautiful wall design of a forest to your washroom and you choose SaniMoments fragrance Forest Walk, the forest comes to life and you can really take a break. Do you have another theme in mind that requires a unique scent? In addition to our existing aromas, we also offer the possibility to create your own scent. Which scent suits your company best?


Forest Walk


Lavinchi Relax

Sea Breeze

Well Chi

Components of the SaniMoments module

  • Standalone dispenser with 400 ml
  • Bottle
  • Plug and Play plug
  • Subscription
  • Tough installation
  • Installation, refill and maintenance service
  • Even for large toilet groups


Expanding possible

It is possible to expand SaniMoments with personalized fragrances, sound systems, additional nebulizers, app controls, sensors and on-site installation.

How does it work?

The dispenser is installed invisibly and hufterproof on mains power, for example above the ceiling or in the storage room. The aroma is atomized into the washroom from above, and through the ventilation in the toilet, the fragrance travels under any doors. This way you don't see anything of the installation, but the effect is still very noticeable.


With app expansion

Our app allows you to completely customize the scent system to your needs. For this we use bluetooth so there is no need to deploy secure WiFi networks. Thus, the app gives accessible and quick insight into the consumption and you can adjust the intensity of the fragrance. It is also possible to set a personalized time schedule. For example, if no one is present in the evening, you can reduce or even stop the nebulization. At busy times, the nebulization can be increased to keep the environment smelling pleasant. In this way, the system is used optimally, which promotes sustainability.

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Optimal odor diffusion

SaniMoments' module is suitable for spaces of all shapes and sizes. Because we can adjust the intensity, each room gets the perfect scent balance. The aroma is softer in smaller toilet rooms and more powerful in toilet groups larger than 250m².

Currently available only in the Netherlands.


Relaxing is not only important for your employees, but also for your customers. After a long journey, they often visit the toilet first. SaniMoments ensures that they are welcomed with a pleasant smell and atmosphere. This way, the customer gets a good first impression of your company, which significantly improves customer satisfaction.


SaniMoments ensures that your washrooms always have a nice fragrance. We keep track of how full the bottle is and come to refill it where necessary. Our assortment consists of six fragrances, but there is also the possibility to compose your own aroma.


The SaniMoments module naturally breaks down unpleasant odors and ensures that a pleasant smell takes its place. We do this by using 100% natural, essential oils that are not only good for the room, but also for the air quality.

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