Not a toilet visit, but a toilet experience

Not a toilet visit, but a toilet experience

At Sanimood, we transform your washrooms into a true toilet experience. A beautiful and creative toilet creates a positive experience and stimulates the senses. We like to think along with you in what way your toilet best connects to the experience in the rest of the environment. We are involved from design to realization and offer not only a pleasant toilet experience but also the most hygienic toilet solutions. Curious what we come up with in your building?

The restrooms Sanimood makes are 100% custom made. We look at your current restrooms and figure out how to improve them. Based on your corporate identity and the atmosphere within your company, we then create a design. Thus, each of the restrooms we remodel is unique and fully customized.

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We turn a restroom visit into a clean and fresh experience. Complete with beautiful visuals, scent and sound systems.

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With our solutions, we save on electricity, water and cleaning by using sustainable materials.

Preserve your plumbing


The smooth walls and floors in our washrooms make everything easy to clean and keep clean.

Improve hygiene


Through an efficient construction process, we save time, cost and cleanup during and after the renovation.

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Sanitation from A to Z

We handle the renovation or remodeling of your toilets from A to Z. From floor to ceiling and everything in between. Discover the solutions below.


Thanks to our Sanitary Anti Graffiti System, you'll never have to deal with graffiti in your plumbing again. So you are well protected against this form of vandalism. Any graffiti or marker applied can be easily removed using the Sanimood Anti Graffiti System.


Every toilet we build or renovate is unique. We specialize in creative plumbing designs. With this we add a piece of experience to the toilet visit. This keeps people in the atmosphere of the rest of your organization and senses are stimulated even in the toilet.


Our privacy screens become part of the experience. No boring white partitions, but designed, colorful panels. Available in different materials, with anti-bacterial top coat and high-end design.

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