Unique sound system for your restroom experience 

Do you want to take the experience in your organization to the next level? Then it's time to get acquainted with SaniSounds. SaniSounds is a plug-and-play subscription for royalty-free ambient music. You choose the atmosphere and sound that suits you best. We provide the equipment and you get in the mood!

Currently available only in the Netherlands.



Plug & Play


Components of the SaniSounds module

  • Own internet access point including 4G router
  • Audio player including app to control volume
  • Amplifier and speaker
  • Subscription (sim, music server exclusive content)



At Sanisounds you can choose different music packages. This is exclusive content produced by Sanimood itself. Whatever package you choose, it is always royalty-free music. You can choose from the following genres:

  • Lifestyle & Feelgood
  • Relaxation
  • Nature
  • Smooth sounds



Sanisounds can optionally be expanded with LED lighting, a scent system, additional speakers and on-site installation.


Currently available only in the Netherlands.

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SaniSounds sound experience in washroom

Atmosphere & Experience

Sanisounds creates a pleasant ambience in the washroom. It contributes to a positive experience of the washroom. The content is content and acoustically developed exclusively for sanitary spaces. There are different packages to choose from, so you always play the music that suits you! We provide the equipment and you get in the mood!

We plug, you play!

You don't have to worry about anything. We deliver the sound system and make sure everything works. If you want, we can even integrate the installation completely into the system ceiling, so you don't have any loose elements hanging in sight. We work with transmitters with a memory card. Therefore you are always guaranteed music.

High quality

Sanisounds offers standalone plug and play solutions. We install a unique sound system that allows you to play all kinds of music. The speakers can be integrated into the ceiling and are of very high quality. You will enjoy fine background music created by professional musicians.

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