Unique sound system for your restroom experience 

To complete the experience in your washrooms, there is SaniSounds. SaniSounds is a plug & play subscription for unique music sounds specially designed for sanitary areas. So you can relax during your visit to the toilet, or regain energy for the rest of your day. There is a variety of genres to choose from, so there is always something to suit the mood of your business.

Currently available only in the Netherlands.



Plug & Play


Sounds like music to the ears

SaniSounds offers as many as five different genres to choose from. So there's always a mood to suit your business. We regularly replace the playlist so you can always enjoy new music. You can choose from the following genres:

Smooth sounds




Lifestyle & Feelgood

Components of the SaniSounds module

  • New, unique musical sounds on a regular basis
  • Audio player including app to control volume
  • Amplifier and speaker
  • Subscription with service



It is possible to expand SaniSounds with LED lighting, a scent system, additional speakers and on-site installation.

Currently available only in the Netherlands.

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Unique sounds

SaniSounds creates unique music sounds especially for washrooms. This will help you unwind, or re-energize, during your toilet visits. There are five different genres to choose from. Whether you want a calming atmosphere or a cozy ambiance in your washroom, SaniSounds has the sound for you.

Carefree enjoyment

We take care of everything for you. SaniSounds installs the sound system, after which we visit regularly to add new music to the memory card. The system is integrated into the ceiling so you can enjoy the sounds to the fullest without being noticed.


The use of music not only gives the opportunity to create a nice atmosphere, but it also ensures that noise pollution is reduced. This provides a sense of privacy and comfort, allowing visitors to fully relax during their restroom visits. Regardless of your location, SaniSounds helps achieve the perfect atmosphere.

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