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At Sanimood, we remodel and improve restrooms. We do this by using different materials than usual. We work with the latest materials and develop many applications in-house. Because of our smooth walls and floors , bacteria and odors have no chance to settle. As a result, our washrooms are anti-bacterial. You can feel and smell that.

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At Sanimood, we use special materials to improve your washrooms. We don't use tiles, but we work with groutless panels that leave no place for bacteria to nestle. Moreover, the sleek surface also allows for faster and more efficient cleaning of the washrooms. In fact, 30% less cleaning agents are used in our washrooms than normal.


Extra clean toilets

In addition, our Sanimood Anti Graffiti System also makes it easy to remove any spray paint or waterproof marker. The special coating makes everything clean again in no time! In addition, our SaniMoments fragrance module is a perfect extension to make your washroom even cleaner. By using 100% natural, essential oils, we improve the air quality and enrich the room with a pleasant fragrance.

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