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Extra hygienic toilets

At Sanimood, we remodel and improve restrooms. We do this by using different materials than usual. We work with the latest materials and develop many applications in-house. Because of our smooth walls and floors , bacteria and odors have no chance to settle. As a result, our washrooms are anti-bacterial. You can feel and smell that.

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Hygienically built

At Sanimood we build toilets differently. We use sustainable materials and do not use tiles on the floor or wall. We build with as few seams and cracks as possible, so there are no breeding nests for bacteria. This special method of construction, in combination with the antibacterial materials, ensures that your toilets are delivered very hygienically.


Easy to clean toilet

Our toilets are very easy to clean. You can easily wipe down the smooth walls with a cloth and the doors are also clean in no time. You don't have to worry about bacteria anyway. Our materials are designed so that bacteria and odors have no chance to settle.

In addition, we are known for our Sanimood Anti Graffiti System. With it, you clean applied spray paint or waterproof marker without effort. Cleaning the toilet has never been so easy!

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