Eindhoven Airport

A flying start for Eindhoven Airport washrooms

When travelers step off the plane at Eindhoven Airport, they often have their next destination in common: the toilet. The airport of Brabant aims to make our region even better, and of course this includes the experience their visitors have when they go to the toilet. That is why Sanimood has given Eindhoven Airport's restrooms a flying start.

Within the "Aviation" theme, our designers conceived and worked out a concept that boosts the look of the rooms. This involved looking at a characteristic aspect that every flight has: the beautiful colors of the sky. From sunrise to sunset, these different phases of the day have all been given a place in the Eindhoven Airport washrooms. And should you want to enhance that typical airplane experience, you can always visit the toilet with the look of the metal airplane toilet. Have you come across the design yet?

Customer reviews are soaring!

Over 1.5 million visitors have used the restrooms since the 2015 renovation, but there is little evidence of that. The washrooms still look exactly the same because of the protective coating and good maintenance. Even large, heavy suitcases have been able to cause virtually no scratches or dents. Should someone have managed to do it anyway, we can easily repair the damage. All this has caused the reviews of Eindhoven Airport to go from a 5.8 to a 7.3!

A stable course without turbulence

To ensure that the toilet rooms retain their beautiful appearance, we have concluded a maintenance contract with Eindhoven Airport. If a heavy suitcase or something similar has managed to cause damage, we can easily repair the wall covering so that it looks as if nothing has ever happened to it. So visitors can continue to enjoy a pleasant moment of rest before or after their flight.

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