Eindhoven Airport

Not a toilet visit, but a toilet experience

For many people, what is the first destination when you just get off the plane? The restroom! EHV Airport asked us to make sure that that first impression was a bright and well-groomed one.

In fact, annual surveys of travelers showed that the restroom consistently underperformed. After we remodeled the plumbing, the score went from a 5.8 to a 7.3. We linked the theme of "aviation" to the standard gray furnishings. A great success!
The well-groomed look of the restrooms also proved to have a favorable effect on travelers' behavior.

Indeed, the tidier and neater the restroom looks, the better visitors interact with it. Since 2015, these facilities have received more than 1.5 million visitors a year. But neither clashing rolling suitcases, soccer fans or the countless vacationers have managed to damage the toilets.

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