Royal Library

A new chapter

The Royal Library in The Hague is the place where all our stories come together. Stories about the past, our dreams and our visions. In the library you can find many special collections and reference books that are full of history and experience. Where you could write pages full of the authentic atmosphere of this place, you quickly ended up on a blank page when you entered the washrooms. It was up to us to fill this page with an immersive experience that also saved 30% on cleaning costs.

The renovation speaks volumes

At Sanimood, everything is about experience. The washrooms we conceive and realize are always an extension of an organization's brand experience. Such is the case at the Royal Library. When visitors go to the toilet after a good book, they are pleasantly surprised by the beautiful wall visuals of stacks of books that can be found here. In addition, the doors are finished with privacy films that at the same time show which toilet area people are in. This overall picture ensures that the customer journey is positive, giving customers a good impression of the library and making them more likely to return here.

An open book

Just like the books in the library, we like to keep our washrooms as tidy as possible. To achieve this, the wall coverings are durable, scratch-resistant and easy to clean due to the absence of joints. They can take a beating and contain a scratch-resistant top layer so that they are hygienic and last extra long. This allows the housekeeping department to work efficiently and saves as much as 30% on cleaning costs.

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