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Mediapark Hilversum is all about experience. In this largest media cluster in Europe, various companies such as NEP, BNN and NOS work to inform, entertain and inspire its audience through various media. It was up to us to convey this inspiration in the washrooms of NEP and BNN, and even Arjen Lubach's dressing room.


Sanimood collaborated with NEP's interior architect during the first phase of this sanitary renovation. This made it possible to extend the corporate identity and green style of the foyer and bar to the restroom. This keeps the experience visitors have as a whole and gives them a more positive experience with the company. To make this washroom even greener, we use water-saving reservoirs and sensor faucets to optimize water usage.

In the second phase, Sanimood came up with a concept that resonates well with the TV world; Glitter and Glamour. Here, the gold edges and sparkling wall coverings add an extra wow effect when you walk into the space. We worked with our partner CWS to ensure that even the towel dispensers, wastebaskets and soap dispensers match the same gold style. To further enhance this experience, we installed SaniMoments in the rest of the Mediapark restrooms. This way you can enjoy your moment of rest even better!


To create a great experience for everyone, Sanimood converted the former men's toilet at BNNVARA into a gender-neutral toilet. The urinal gave way to a wall covering with different iconic shapes. In the other restroom, we recreated the behind-the-scenes experience at BNNVARA by incorporating various screens with media into the wall covering. Here, too, we sprayed soap dispensers and wastebaskets, among other things, so that they fit into the atmosphere of the washroom. One thing is for sure; you'll feast your eyes here!

Locker room of Arjen Lubach

To create a clean look here, we used durable LED lights and SaniPanels. These panels contain an antibacterial coating that prevents bacteria from settling in them. And if there is any dirt, it can be cleaned in no time. Because of the special coating, on average 30% less detergent needs to be used. That in turn saves time spent on the set!

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