Optimal toilet experience: how do you go about it?

An optimal toilet experience = no luxury.

If you have done your best to decorate your premises beautifully and create a nice atmosphere, it is important to extend this experience into the smallest rooms of your entire premises. Indeed, the restroom. This is something you are quick to forget or neglect, but remember that the restroom is a space that is visited very often: even if you only receive visitors for an hour-long meeting. People have sat in the car to reach you and therefore want a quick use of the restroom, or want to use the restroom after the meeting with two cups of coffee before getting back into the car. 

Stimulate the senses

At Sanimood, we specialize in building hygienic and sustainable restrooms that bring a unique experience. We stimulate the senses in the toilet and ensure that the toilet not only always smells fresh, but that the user is also included in the story told in your toilet. Then we are not talking about the playful texts chalked on doors with waterproof marker, but the full color printing we can realize on the walls. 

At Eindhoven Airport, for example, we created images of vacation resorts and airplanes in the toilet areas to extend the airport experience to the toilet. At IKEA we extended the corporate identity to the toilet to create the ultimate experience. 

Wondering what we can do for your restrooms? We would be happy to spar with you and show you the various possibilities in a consultation. Feel free to contact us.

Optimal experience on the toilet

For the optimal experience in the toilet, it is important not only to think about "the eye," but also to provide a pleasant smell. But above all, don't forget the sound! Sound also subconsciously does a lot. 

At Ziggo Dome, for example, we created the optimal experience by thinking about lighting and music in the restroom. If you come out of a dark concert hall, you obviously don't want to walk into a room full of fluorescent light beams to go to the toilet. So we worked there with dimmed lights and placed images of guitars and microphones on the walls. With the option of playing music as a finishing touch to complete the experience. 

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