Toilet inspiration: tips and tricks for your toilet areas

The tips and tricks for your restroom

When designing and decorating restrooms, it is important not to be led by trends. Portuguese tiles on the wall seem very nice, but you will eventually get tired of them. And don't forget the hygiene aspect: the joints between tiles are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. At Sanimood, we have the tips and tricks for your toilet areas.

Sustainability at 1

When you are about to overhaul the restrooms in your building, sustainability is one of the first and most important things to think about. The world we live in demands more awareness, and of course Sanimood is happy to respond. With recyclable materials that can take a beating, you can enjoy your bathroom for decades. Of course, you can also make your toilet more sustainable by using LED lighting and water-saving toilets. 

Wondering how we can realize sustainable toilet rooms for you? We would be happy to spar with you and show you the various possibilities in a consultation. Feel free to contact us.

Toilet areas in line with your brand

Not going along with trends is the most important tip we can give you. Trends pass and therefore do not have sustainability. Our tip: make sure the experience at your restroom matches that of the rest of your building and your brand. 

In the Royal Library in The Hague, for example, we were able to build a toilet where we placed pictures of books on the walls. This is a lot more hygienic than white tiles because no grouting is needed and it is also in line with the library. It contributes to a positive experience for visitors and employees and let's be honest: it is also a lot more fun to look at than the standard white tile. 

Stimulate all the senses

As a final tip, don't just provide a toilet room that looks nice and is durable, but actually make toilet visits as pleasant as possible. For example, it is also possible to play (soothing) music in toilet rooms and to use automatic fragrance diffusers to ensure a fresh and pleasant smell in the toilet. Very pleasant we thought! 

Would you like to take care of your toilet areas and are you curious how we put the above tips into practice? Contact us without obligation or get inspired by our successfully completed projects.