Top 3 annoyances on the toilet

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Avoid annoyances in your washroom

Depending on your coffee intake during the day, you make about 7 visits to the restroom every day. So it is important to make sure that the toilet area in your premises is not a place where annoyances lurk. At Sanimood, we help you with the proper design of your washrooms to prevent these annoyances.

1: Nasty odors in the toilet

When you walk into a restroom and you smell your predecessor's big mess, you would prefer to turn back right away. Foul odors are the absolute number one on the list of toilet annoyances. 

That is why we have automatic air fresheners with which we ensure that the smell in the toilet is pleasant and its visitors enter the room with a pleasant feeling.

2: No toilet paper

Using the toilet and then finding out that there is no more toilet paper is also a major annoyance during a toilet visit. We don't believe any further explanation is needed here....

Sanimood works with ample toilet roll dispensers, making it considerably less likely that someone will miss out on a piece of toilet paper. At least, if you have people who refill these dispensers in time. For an average toilet, refilling once every two days is sufficient. And let's be honest: if there have been so many visits to the toilet that two rolls of toilet paper have gone through, it's nice to have someone wipe the seat. Small effort to replenish the toilet paper.

3: Drying hands after washing

Then once you have been to a fresh-smelling toilet and have been able to use toilet paper neatly, you are left with only one task on the toilet: washing hands. The lack of soap is unfortunate, but not a real annoyance for most people. However, a decent way to dry your hands is. Therefore, it is important to think about this as well: do you use a towel, do you hang up a towel dispenser or do you work with single-use paper towels?

At Sanimood, we think along with you in terms of solutions and are happy to spar with you about the possibilities for your toilet. We would be happy to show you the various possibilities during a consultation. Feel free to contact us in order to solve the biggest toilet annoyances in your building.